NOVEMBER 30th 2017

Review/Photos by: Char Tupper

A dreary, miserable, rainy day in Vancouver, BC. What better way to get out from this misery outside, then to go inside and see A Perfect Circle at the Pacific Coliseum. Opening act for their tour was The Beta Machine, only the two bands performing tonight, which for me, since I commute to shows, was nice knowing that I would be heading home at a decent time. Before that however, let me give you my input of the concert that took place.  

First, was The Beta Machine, out of Los Angeles, CA walked on stage with elegance and presence. Forming over 7 years ago, a band of symbiotic musical cohesion, this 4 -piece band touring in support of their latest EP, “All This Time”, they embark on a musical journey with us to bring their music, around the world. Musically, in my opinion, kind of catchy at times, but mostly very mellow and almost “typical” sounding, for what I expected seeing their band shot and hearing the band name. Not necessarily a bad thing, since their performance was executed well, and didn’t miss a beat. Personally though, wasn’t quite my cup of tea, since I found some of the sounds repeated themselves a bit much, but unique to have the dual vocals of female and male in rock, since we don’t hear the combo all that much in this kind of rock music.  If you are looking for something new, a little edgy, but a mellow tone to it, The Beta Machine is up your alley.

It is now time for the one and only, A Perfect Circle. Now before we begin, make sure you put your cell phone or video device away, because if you are even caught using it during the performance, you will be removed by security out of the venue, and yes, you won’t be coming back to see the rest of the show. In my opinion, may seem a little extreme, but, I do get how cellphones in society are very distracting from watching the event about to take place. After all, why spend all that money, to watch from your cellphone screen? I can do that on youtube at home…for free! It was kind of nice to photograph from the soundboard, and not have 600 little neon squares in every single shot.

Forming back in the late 90’s, A Perfect Circle consists of one of American rock’s incomparable people in this genre, Maynard James Keenan. You may know the name (hell, it should be a household name in this business), for bands like Tool and Puscifer, he is vocalist in all the bands, but all 3 have a uniqueness all their own. For the case of A Perfect Circle, it has legendary guitarist, Billy Howerdel, who used to be guitar tech for Nine Inch Nails, you can see where this is leading as to musical diversity of this group. Both musical masterminds formed A Perfect Circle after becoming close friends and having similar musical interests.  The band doesn’t necessarily have a lot of full length albums under their belt, but this year they are touring in support of a long overdue, new upcoming record to be released in 2018.  I wasn’t sure after the first song how I felt about these guys, almost reminded me of a slow prog-metal sound, which isn’t usually my taste, but as the night went on, I found myself getting more into their performance. Now, Im not going to say I am a die-hard after seeing their live show, since the curtain was a challenge to handle, from a photographer’s stand point, but they did put on a great show both musically, visually, and even in the sense of atmosphere. I would definitely say, make a point of seeing these guy’s before they go into hiatus or even retire, since there aren’t many bands like this anymore, and its nice to experience all walks of music.