APRIL 19th 2012

Review by: Metal Mom

Genre: Heavy Metal

Band Members:

Cam Pipes (lead vocals)
Justin Hagberg (Rhythm guitar/lead guitar/vocals)
Shane Clark (Lead guitar/Rhythm guitar)
Ash Pearson (drums)
Byron Stroud (bass) (Fear Factory/Strapping Young Lad)

Hometown: Vancouver, BC Canada

Whats great about this band, they are based out of my hometown, Vancouver. And all of these guys, know what it takes to be an accomplished heavy metal band. They have now come out with their 5th studio album “Long Live Heavy Metal”, the second under the record label Century Media. And produced by Terry "Sho" Murray, obviously someone who knows how to mix and master some true heavy metal sounds.

Track Listings:

1.) Metal Woman
2.) My Sword Will Not Sleep
3.) Leather Lord
4.) Chief and the Blade
5.) Dark messenger
6.) Look Out
7.) 4000 Torches
8.) Leave it on the Ice
9.) Die for Gold
10.) Storming Juno
11.) Men of Fortune
12.) One for the Ditch

There is something extraordinary about this album, you just need to listen to it to know that they put some great thought, and energy into this creation . Its got what it takes to establish itself in the realms of metal. Its classical, with roots in blues, rock and a touch of some psychedelic rock, 3INCHES OF BLOOD has created a thick, massive sound, with highly amplified distortion, some extended guitar solos, emphatic beats, vigorous screaming, growling vocals and just plain overall loudness. The bass with its low end is crucial to making the music - heavy. Each and every one of these band members excel at what they do.

Now 3INCHES OF BLOOD is on the Metal Alliance Tour, and really, you need to catch them live, they put on an amazing show, and there are a lot of their newer songs played, so you can really appreciate the talent and perfection that they put out. No difference between the CD sound and live, which tells me they are very talented band. Anyone can fix their cd to make them sound good, but let me just say there is none of that here. I highly recommend this CD “Long Live Heavy Metal”, and not just because they are from Vancouver, but because they are extremely talented group of musicians. Go, find out for yourself.